All of our instructors here at The Strike Zone have played or coached at the college level. With over 60 years of combined experience in doing lessons, our staff is dedicated to helping your son or daughter achieve their goals. We can help in any phase of the game whether it is pitching, hitting, infield, outfield, catching, as well as any of the other aspects of the game.

Services and Instruction to Help You Play The Game


Package                             Length                                    Price

Single                                    30 minutes                                 $40

Rookie                                   2 Hours                                      $135

All-Star                                  4 Hours                                      $255

MVP                                       8 Hours                                      $465

Hall of Fame                         12 Hours                                    $655

 Legendary                            20 Hours                                   $1000

72 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Jeff does a great job of teaching my son. He is currently taking lessons from him now and has really learned a lot. He is very knowledgeable!

  2. Our 10th grader Jason plays for the Wildcats at Woodmont high school. He took hitting lessons from Shane Spears over the winter. Last night he hit his first home run in a high school game with high school field dimensions and is hitting in the three spot in the line up. He is the only player varsity or junior varsity who has hit one over the fence this season. Jason was a good hitter who is a even better hitter now. High quality instruction at the Strike Zone. Great job Shane!

  3. Hey! I am interested in signing my son up for some baseball practices. Batting, throwing, catching. Is there any way I can set up an appointment to come check out your facility next Friday afternoon?

  4. Looking to see if anyone is available for catching lessons? My daughter is 17 and committed to Francis Marion University but I need someone to get her ready for travel season as she didn’t play school ball this year. Thanks

  5. My daughter is interested in lessons she is starting eighth grade this year and did not make school team…she still plays recreational but really has her heart set on making the school team next spring…she’s willing to put the work in just needs guidance from someone who’s more experienced than we are…thank you and we are very much looking forward to getting her started.

    • Please give us a call at 864-968-0024 today from 12pm to 8pm and we can look at the instructor’s schedules and see what time is available and convenient for you. Thanks.


  6. I would like to bring my son in for some hitting and fielding lessons, we have been taking lessons somewhere else but our schedule no longer allows us to take lessons from there.

    • Please give us a call today after 3pm and we can look at the instructor’s schedules and see what day and time can work for you. Thanks.

      The Strike Zone

  7. I would like to sign my son, Garyson, up for the All Star package. Preferably with Shane or Andrew. He is a minor at Northwood Little League. Would like to do the lessons after school during the week. Please let me know of available times and days.

  8. I am interested in hitting lessons for my 10 year old. I am unable to come by but would like the 20% coupon for the northwood little league offer. He loves baseball and hits good but I think some coaching will help his consistency.

    • We have had kids start as early as 4 years old. It really just depends on the kid. I would suggest trying a single 30 minute lesson to see how he likes it. Give us a call at 864-968-0024 and we can check
      the lesson schedules. Thanks.

      -Mike Noble

  9. Stopped in today to check out the batting cages and ask about a session for my 12yo son, who is trying baseball for the first time this year. I found it odd that there are no instruction lessons available on the weekends. He goes to school and gets home at 4pm, M-F. Found it a little disappointing that Strike Zone can’t help him due to a school schedule. Instead of signing up and paying for some outside help, we left disappointed.

    • Sorry to hear that. It was spring break last week so a lot of our instructors and players who take lessons were on vacation. Our private lessons are booked in advance. Our instructors set their own schedule and some work weekends while some do not. For instance, this weekend we have 5 instructors doing lessons on Saturday and even one instructor doing some on Sunday. We also have instructors who give lessons during the week from 1pm up until 9pm. Please give us a call at 864-968-0024 if you would like for us to find a lesson time that is convenient for you. Thanks.

  10. I would like to get my son some help with timing for his batting, what appt time do you have available over the next week?

  11. I am interested in getting weekly hitting lessons for my 9 year old this summer. Who do I call/communicate w to discuss?

  12. Do you offer summer camps for 13 year olds. My son wants to try out for his school’s baseball team next year but hasn’t played since little league!

  13. Hello. We are interested in pitching lessons and possible hitting lessons for our son. He is 14 and has been playing with GLL and League Academy. He will be a freshman at Greenville High this year. Please let us know when we could possibly swing by.

  14. I assume the lessons in packages are split up over time? So four lessons would be spread out 30 minutes at a time?

  15. Looking for a 3 or 4 day camp during spring break for a 10 yr old boy. He has played for 6 years and has worked with one of your coaches. Please let me know if you plan on having a camp. Ann Giles 864-325-1745. Thanks!

  16. Are there any coaches available yet for private lessons? Also, we heard a rumor that y’all are offering a 3 day camp during spring break. How do we sign up for that?

    • Yes, we do have instructors who do have availability for private lessons. Also, we are having a 3-day spring break camp next week. You can call us at 864-968-0024 to sign up for both. Thanks.

  17. I would like to find someone to help my daughter with pitching, she has some of the first fundamentals but needs help throwing harder and more consistent. Also may be interested in hitting lessons.

  18. We are interested in getting batting lessons for our grandson. He is 9 years old and is playing Minors for Northwood Little League. He is struggling transitioning from coaches pitch to player pitch with his batting. Would any of your instructors be available to work with him this Sunday afternoon. Thank you.

  19. Hey Guys,

    I reached out last week regarding lessons for my 12 year old son Cameron Pruitt.

    Any information on availability would be much appreciated.

    I can be reached @ 864-787-9688.


    Chad Pruitt

  20. Hey! My family is going to be in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break 3/31-4/6, and our boys would love to get some work in. They are 8 and 5, and take lessons back home. Would anyone there be available to work with them that week?

    • We are located in Greenville, SC which is about 4.5 hrs away from Myrtle Beach. You may have us confused with another facility. If not, you can give us a call at 864-968-0024 and we can check our instructor’s schedules and see what works for you. Thanks.

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