All of our instructors here at The Strike Zone have played or coached at the college level. With over 50 years of combined experience in doing lessons, our staff is dedicated to helping your son or daughter achieve their goals. We can help in any phase of the game whether it is pitching, hitting, infield, outfield, catching, as well as any of the other aspects of the game.


Services and Instruction to Help You Play The Game Instruct

Package Length Regular Price Club Price*
Single 1/2 hour $35 $30
Rookie 2 hrs or 4 half hrs $119 $109
All-Star 4 hrs or 8 half hrs $229 $209
MVP 8 hrs or 16 half hrs $419 $389
Hall of Fame 12 hrs or 24 half hrs $589 $529

* Club Membership- Good for one year lesson discounts, 2 for 1 tokens, discounts on rentals, and discounts on clinics run by The Strike Zone. In addition, each club member will receive a Strike Zone t-shirt and magnet. . . . . . . . $99 per Year


4 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Jeff does a great job of teaching my son. He is currently taking lessons from him now and has really learned a lot. He is very knowledgeable!

  2. Our 10th grader Jason plays for the Wildcats at Woodmont high school. He took hitting lessons from Shane Spears over the winter. Last night he hit his first home run in a high school game with high school field dimensions and is hitting in the three spot in the line up. He is the only player varsity or junior varsity who has hit one over the fence this season. Jason was a good hitter who is a even better hitter now. High quality instruction at the Strike Zone. Great job Shane!

  3. We’ve been working with Mike Noble for a few seasons now and have been so impressed with his teaching. He knows how to work with players, knows how to reach them and to get them to do what he’s asking. He’s amazing in that he sees everything that can possibly be worked on–don’t know how he does it! And he always knows exactly what to fix! We saw Mike recently because our 11-yr- old son seemed to be in a hitting slump (typically a big hitter but he moved up this year). Mike knew what to fix, and guess what? Tonight’s game–home run, then a triple. Thanks so much, Mike (and Strike Zone team)!

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